What makes CECS unique?

The opportunity to forge your own path while attending classes with a cohort of like-minded students on emerging topics that shape and define future careers. 

CECS allows students to explore new and emerging technologies and develop in-demand skills while customizing their degrees and gaining valuable real-world experience through for-credit internships, multi-disciplinary team-based capstones, research, and service projects.


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Degrees of the Future

CECS offers cohort-based, customizable degrees in emerging fields that cut through conventional disciplines such as artificial intelligence and data science as well as our signature Innovative Transdisciplinary Studies degree, a fully customizable degree utilizing our stackable certificates to create your unique educational journey. All CECS degrees provide personalization of the program and opportunities to include stackable certificates in any degree students choose to pursue. Degrees pending

Path to Rewarding Careers

CECS is committed to delivering all students access to the skills and knowledge needed in the careers of the future. By collaborating with disciplines across campus, working closely with industry partners to understand workforce needs, and being on the forefront of change, CECS is uniquely equipped to address the emerging talent gap. CECS students gain hands-on experience on real-world problems through for-credit internships, capstones, service projects, and research opportunities.

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We are pleased to announce that the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) voted to approve three new CECS Bachelor of...

We are thrilled to announce that the Board of Trustees approved three new CECS Bachelor of Science degrees during their...