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How it Works

CECS is both a college and a central office that serves other colleges. CECS allows colleges to expand their programming through the development of new majors and minors that draw from expertise across campus. CECS leadership assesses proposals for topics from across campus and serves as an incubator for new courses and programs. In addition, CECS provides support for faculty and connects them to faculty with similar interests across campus. CECS provides extensive coordination among multiple academic units by anticipating and identifying resource needs to create and sustain new programs.

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  • Flexibility
  • Learner needs
  • Career development
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  • Campus strengths
  • Collaboration
  • Industry partnerships
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  • Pilot & test programs
  • New majors and minors
  • Course assessments

How can you engage?

CECS Fellow


  • Faculty engaged in CECS
  • Recruited and approved by CECS program director and college department head or director


  • Course development
  • Instruction for CECS core courses
  • Mentor for required research course
  • Service for CECS (assessment, accreditation, study abroad, etc.)

Program Curriculum Lead


  • Faculty who serve as lead for CECS program curriculum committee


  • Leader identified from curriculum committee
  • Works closely with program director to implement and update curriculum

Program Curriculum Committee



  • Curriculum development for minors and majors
  • Approve electives
  • Propose and approve curricular changes and updates
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Other Ways to Engage

Join us by serving as a faculty representative for your discipline. We are also always looking for seminar speakers and organizers. For more information, please contact

Join a Curriculum Committee

CECS Curriculum Updates

For updates on CECS curriculum, please visit our Teams Site.

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