Photograph of two scientists working in a laboratory setting.

How can you engage:

  • Share with us any new skills, topics, careers that you encourage us to invest in
  • Serve on our advisory board
  • Work with our faculty to develop and teach courses
  • Mentor/sponsor our internship/research/capstone courses
  • Provide research/capstone topics annually
  • Mentor/sponsor/hire our students
  • Participate in our events, seminars

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Photograph of futuristic robotic arms performing tasks while a supervisor observes.

Meet Our Data Science Leadership

Data Science Advisory Board – 2021-2024 Cohort 

Headshot of Stephen Espy.

Stephen Espy

Chief Data Officer
Tennessee Department of Health

Headshot of Debadutta Mohapatra

Debadutta Mohapatra

Senior Vice President, Consulting Services
CGI Group, Inc.

Headshot of Ameet Shetty.

Ameet Shetty

Chief Data Officer
Pilot Company

Headshot of Vijay Srinivasan.

Vijay Srinivasan

Senior Vice President
CGI Group, Inc.

Headshot of Chad Steed.

Chad Steed

Distinguished Research Staff and Group Leader