Applied Cybersecurity Curriculum Review Committee

ABOUT APPLIED CYBERSECURITY The proposed Applied Cybersecurity program will focus on real-world cybersecurity applications across diverse industries, offer robust problem-solving and critical-thinking training, and provide students with practical hands-on experiences using case studies, capstone projects, and internships.The emphasis is on the awareness, skills, agility, and confidence to be empowered users of cyber technologies, solve problems safely, […]

Applied Artificial Intelligence Curriculum Review Committee

ABOUT APPLIED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE The proposed Applied Artificial Intelligence degree will offer an emphasis on real-world applications across diverse industries, offer robust problem-solving and critical-thinking training, and grant students practical hands-on experiences, including internships. This degree will be a hybrid delivery method, combining in-person and online instruction, and align with state and institutional educational goals […]

CECS Kickoff Meeting

CECS KICKOFF MEETING You are invited to the College of Emerging and Collaborative Studies Kickoff on September 11, 2023 from 9 a.m.–1 p.m. in the Pilot Ballroom (272 A) of the Student Union. Breakfast and boxed lunches will be provided. Please contact with questions. Kindly RSVP by September 5, 2023. Agenda:

For Industry

CECS Industry Partnerships CECS is driven by future careers and the skills they require. Industry partners play a key role in our curriculum development, course offerings, teaching, and out-of-classroom experiences for our students. How can you engage: For more information, please contact Meet Our Data Science Leadership

Join Our Team

Join Our Team The College of Emerging and Collaborative Studies strives to support faculty through the proposal and development of new interdisciplinary academic programs.   CECS Leadership Ozlem Kilic – Dean “The future is arriving fast at UT with the launch of CECS and its dynamic team, reimagining higher education for the next generation and […]

For Faculty

Connect With CECS The College of Emerging and Collaborative Studies takes interdisciplinary programs to new heights, helping faculty connect to each other and collaborate. How it Works CECS is both a college and a central office that serves other colleges. CECS allows colleges to expand their programming through the development of new majors and minors […]

For Students

Innovative, Customizable Degrees of Future   CECS offers degrees in emerging fields such as Data Science, Applied Artificial Intelligence, and Innovative Transdisciplinary Services, a signature program that empowers students with full control over their degree. We also offer stackable certificates that all students can take in Applied AI, Data Science, Applied Cybersecurity, Game Craft, Sustainable […]


College of Emerging & Collaborative Studies CECS is a first-of-its-kind future-driven college where students can customize their education to prepare for careers of the future. Serving as a hub for collaboration, CECS brings together campus expertise to develop content with hands-on experiences on emerging topics that cut through conventional disciplines and change the way we […]