CECS Announces ‘AI in Higher Ed: Transforming the Teaching and Learning Experience’

August 15, 2023

The College of Emerging and Collaborative Studies (CECS) in partnership with the Office of Innovative Technologies, High Performance & Scientific Computing will host AI in Higher Ed: Transforming the Teaching and Learning Experience on September 22, 2023. This virtual event brings together educators, students, researchers, administrators, and industry experts to discuss the cutting-edge applications, challenges, and opportunities that AI offers in shaping the future of learning.

Topics covered will include AI-focused educational programs, collaborations with industry and other universities, AI community engagement, AI ethics and policy, AI tools for the classroom, infrastructure and computing resources, and public policy and advocacy. The symposium will serve as a platform to exchange ideas, share best practices, and foster collaborations in integrating AI technologies into higher education environments.

With AI revolutionizing various industries, it is crucial for higher education institutions to adapt and harness its potential to enhance teaching, learning, and student success. CECS meets the increasing need from students to customize their academic journey and align their education with careers of the future by offering multidisciplinary courses, programs, and degrees on emerging topics such as AI for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Beginning in fall 2023, CECS will offer courses in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data science. AI 101: Introduction to the World of AI will serve as an introduction to foundational concepts, techniques, and applications of AI relevant to all disciplines while Cybersecurity 101 will provide foundational knowledge and training in cybersecurity concepts. CECS also offers a data science minor with courses in Data Knowledge and Discovery, Data Management and Visualization, Data Stewardship and Ethics, and Analytical Methods of Data Science. Additional course offerings, majors, and minors are being developed for Spring 2024 and beyond.

“CECS is at the forefront of education where disciplines collide and emerge,” said Dr. Ozlem Kilic, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and Dean of CECS. “By leveraging campus expertise and strengths on emerging topics such as AI and cybersecurity and weaving these into our curriculum, our students will graduate ready to meet the needs of the future workforce.”

To learn more about CECS, email cecs@utk.edu. To learn more about AI in Higher Ed: Transforming the Teaching and Learning Experience, visit the event page.